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Is this just an innocent bromance?

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Dear Steve and Shirley, 

I have been married for 11 years and my husband and I have two kids. We moved to a new city and state because of my husband's job. Once we were settled, my husband joined several local clubs and started golfing, fishing, skiing and he made some new male friends. He is rarely home with me and the kids. My concern is that my husband has become questionably close to one of the men. They go out together, talk on the phone for long periods of time, hang out at each other’s houses, and go on “guy trips” together. He often talks about how cool this guy is and how easy he is to talk to. At first, I thought it was cool that he had a new best friend. But now, I question his friendship with the guy because THIS happened... he baked this guy a birthday cake... and get this, FROM SCRATCH!  In all of years we have been married, I never even knew he could bake. He has never baked me or the kids a cake or any type of dessert. He told me that his friend said the cake was delicious! 

Am I being paranoid or is my husband showing signs of being too close to his new friend? 

Should I say something to my husband? 

Please help.