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Cheating Pregnant Wife!

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am so ashamed to even tell anyone about the problem I have my wife and I have been married for 10 years now we have three girls a son and a baby girl on the way. We got along fine but I was just told by a person in my neighborhood that when I leave for work at night another guy is being led into my house by my pregnant wife. Lately my wife and I have not been intimate and I would like to think it's because of our hormones. I would have never in a million years questioned my wife's faithfulness to me until my neighbor told me what was going on. Now I have noticed other neighbors shaking their heads when we walk past or they avoid talking to us. How do I confront my pregnant wife about something like this. This is not your everyday problem. There are kids involved. And what if it's not true. I would look like a fool that was dumb enough to accuse his pregnant wife of cheating. It's a no win situation. My heart is so heavy and my mind is confused. 

I love my wife but I feel stuck. What should I do.

Listen below for the response from Shirley and Steve:

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