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My dad is wild’n out in Mexico

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

I'm 25 years old and my emotionally fragile dad is 56. 

Recently, my dad had a mid-life crisis and quit his federal job and moved to Mexico. At first, he was partying and having wild sexcapades daily. After doing this for about 5 months, he called to tell me that he fell in love and he’s getting married. Despite his foolishness, I was happy for him until I found out that his fiancé is 22 years old, she has 4 kids and they communicate through an app, since she speaks no English and he speaks no Spanish. 

The worst part is that she was a prostitute and that’s how they met! 

Then he confessed that he spent his entire 401K on her and her friends at a strip club. He plans to marry this woman, leave her 4 kids in Mexico and move home to live with my grandma for a year. I called my grandma and told her everything. The wedding was scheduled for last week but had to be postponed because he found out that his name is misspelled on his birth certificate. I praised God for intervening. My dad thinks they are in love, but I’m afraid that once this girl gets what she wants, she'll leave my dad. I love my dad too much to watch him be this stupid. 

What can I do to stop this? 

Please help me.

Listen Below to the response from Shirley and Steve: