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Too much is going on in my house

 Dear Steve and Shirley, 

Here’s my situation…  

I met a girl and moved in with her. We had 3 kids. Then my girl’s mom and her sister moved in with us. Then her uncle moved in when he is released from prison. Now we have mother, sister, uncle, and children under one roof. There are so many people in the house, that people are sleeping in the dining room on the floor. There are no house rules or discipline for our children. Since my name isn’t on anything at the house, I have no say in what goes on. I have a job and I’m in school, so that’s how I keep my sanity. This is not how I handle business. I’ve always believed that I’m a million-dollar man, but I’m living like a two-dollar hooker. I’m trying to stay the course and be here for my girl but it’s hard when it seems like she doesn’t care. I have two degrees. My girl is an LPN and she makes good money, but she has no back bone. My girl is big on family and since her mother has spent a lot of time in prison, she feels like she owes her mom something. I’m tired and I will not let this mess stress me out. Should I just move on and get my own place? I can’t keep living like this and my children shouldn’t have to either. If I leave, my girl can’t afford to support these people by herself.  

Please help me.