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Demotions, promotions and emotions

 Dear Steve and Shirley, 

A year ago I began working at a new company. Two months later, my supervisor and I began flirting and texting each other during and after work. It didn’t take long for this to turn into a sexual relationship. This included a lot of secret dates and nice gifts. He even met my parents! We both knew he could get in trouble since he was my supervisor, but we didn’t want to end our fling. He told me that he was going to talk to the CEO of our company about being demoted so we could continue our relationship. So, he was demoted and he took a $1200 a month pay cut. Now the problem is, I ended up getting promoted and I got a pay raise. Since my promotion, I'm afraid that if our relationship becomes public at work, our co-workers will think he is the reason I got a promotion. I can't afford to become the topic of gossip and possibly lose my job. So, am I wrong for still wanting to keep our relationship a secret, after all he has done for us to be together? The idea of keeping it a secret does not sit well with him. I love him, but I also love my money and financial independence. Help me, please. 

I don’t want to lose him. What should we do?

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