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Veteran side chick needs help

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

In the past, I was a side chick and I ended up having a baby. I didn't feel like a side chick because he was at my house every day and every night and I really thought he was the one. The shocker came one night after we had been intimate... 

He rolled over and told me that he was getting married the very next day!

I kept telling him to stop playing, but he was serious and I was devastated. Of course I wasn't invited to the wedding, but I showed up at the reception. I didn’t cause a scene. I just sat at the bar while everyone watched and felt sorry for me because they knew how I felt about him. After his wedding reception, he and I were intimate. Yes, on his wedding night. I did it because I needed a little something to hold over his head. Don't get me wrong, when we started messing around, I had no intentions of marrying him. I was just enjoying the ride. You may think that I was wrong, but it felt right at the time. I've threatened to tell his wife of our secret and I would make him give me “hush” money. Of course, he always paid me to stay quiet and it made me hate him even more. Eventually, I stopped messing with him. I have a child by him so we still talk and see each other. So, how do I stop hating him and move on with my life? It's been over twenty years and I’m still stuck on this. Any advice?