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Why is her husband so insecure?

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

I am happily married and my wife and I have two kids. The problem is, I have a female friend from college. My female friend is also married with two kids and she lives in another state. We hardly ever see each other but we do keep in touch. Over 15 years ago, she and I had sex. My wife knows we were intimate in the past, because we all went to the same college. The other day, I was talking to my friend on the phone… we chatted about reality TV shows, I congratulated her on her anniversary and we talked about our children. We didn’t talk about anything that we couldn’t discuss in front of our spouses. My wife is cool, but she’s no fool. She knows she has nothing to worry about. My friend’s husband is not so cool. He got upset and called my house. He spoke to my wife about my friendship with his wife. He was hoping my wife would be upset, but she was not. I think he should talk to his wife instead of calling my house and texting me. I shouldn’t have to deal with all of the “F-You” and “F-Your Family” texts he sends me. So, I cut my friend off completely. I changed my number and blocked her on social media. My wife told me that this lady is my friend so I should not just cut her off like that. What do you think? Is cutting her off the right thing to do? If my wife doesn’t have a problem with our friendship, why should he? 

I don’t understand why her husband is so insecure.