Too Much Weed in Cali?

 There is a surplus of marijuana in California and there is so much to go around. (Pun intended.) Well, the only one who knew anything about weed was Jay. But, of course, he was only sharing the information he heard.

J. went through all the options that he “heard” was “so good”: Sodas, gummy bears, candies, but especially the brownies. Jay had the crew dying laughing about a time he ate four “special” brownies and he was so high he said he thought he was going to die. Well, the only solution he had was to put on a suit so when he did die at least he had on a suit.

I think it’s safe to say none of the crew will partaking in the surplus. But wait, how is there a surplus of weed in marijuana in California? Doesn’t Snoop live there?