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An Upset Child!

All right here we go subjects, "An Upset Child". 

I am writing you this letter in regards to my mother I love my mother dearly but the decisions she makes are poor. To be specific, her pick in men. Her husband is a sorry excuse for a man and I have no respect for him. My mother is the man of the house. She's a nurse. So she brings in the money and she takes care of any problems in the house. Last year my sister became ill and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I'm away at school and my aunts live out of state. My mother has no help, except me. Her husband never came to the hospital nor did he see if my sister or my mother needed anything. Instead he was at the casino. They were barely making ends meet even before my sister became sick. My mom only works two days out of the week and sometimes not even that because of doctor's appointments. Instead of her husband, she looks to others if she needs help with a bill or things of that nature. As a man instead of taking off work and gambling he should be going to work and even looking for another job to support his family. He also put everything in my mom's name so if she leaves him everything is on her. On top of all this he doesn't have any type of relationship with me or my siblings. He said he married her not us. In fact he doesn't even want me in the house so if I go home on my breaks he says nothing to me and acts as if I'm not there. I'm all out of solutions. I pray and even confronted my mother. I don't know what else to do.