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Good morning all, 

Well here this crap of a son of a gun goes. 

I was married for six years to what I thought was a good man. 

Well the second year of our marriage he was in a horrible accident and was paralyzed from the neck down. Well I switched jobs to take care of him and people from his job pitched in, built ramps and workman's comp paid because he was hurt while working. Well we had to have three aids because I worked three jobs to make sure he and the kids were OK. Ah well my neighbor came to see me one day and said she was glad to see him up and about. I said no you must be mistaken because he still can't walk. The doctor told us this is all in parentheses. This injury was only temporary and he would be able to walk again. Still the job is helping us as well as his boss neighbors friends and family. Then one day my five year old daughter said Mommy Daddy can walk. He heard her and said what baby you know daddy can't walk. She said Daddy you remember yesterday. He said No honey and started to cry. Well I started thinking about what my neighbor and my daughter had said. So I told him I was going out of town for a few days and the kids had to be at my mom's. Well honey I got the tricks of my life. I came back around 12 midnight and found him up walking and the aid was in her underclothes. She had two kids by my husband while he was supposed to be crippled. They were drinking laughing and having a good ole time while I walked in and he said honey I was going to call you see what the Lord done. See what the Lord has done. I grabbed my daughter's plastic ball bat and beat the heck out of him and her. They ran out. I grabbed the beebee gun and started shooting. I heard them yelling Stop. God did this. The next day I called his job his mama and my family and told what he had done. Come to find out for the last two years he could walk ain't that some sugar honey iced tea. Well now his family is mad at me and has threatened my life and my children's life which are his kids. I since moved out of state out of fear. Steve Shirley Tommy Carla was I wrong. I was hurt. I been taking care of his nasty butt, wiping him turning him and whatever he needed. Why is everyone mad at me. I tried my best to be a good wife and I ended up with some horse poop. 

Ya'll help a sister out. Signed Hoodwinked.