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Steve Harvey Speaks with Bakari Sellers

This morning The Steve Harvey Morning Show crew welcomed Bakari Sellers on the show. In case you’re wondering why, Bakari made some comments directed towards celebrities like Steve Harvey who met with Donald Trump. He feels they now need to be held accountable for speaking about some of the issues and decisions made and not made by Trump and his administration.

Steve begins by explaining the events leading to the decision and why he was conflicted but overall choose to meet with Trump.

Listen Below to Part 1:

The conversation continues and Bakari explains the importance of when someone shows you who they are, you should believe them. He explains his disappointment in Steve and expresses that he understands the difficulty in the decision but still cannot stand by someone who emboldens white supremacy. 

Steve expresses his understanding and asks Bakari if even he is surprised by the level of destruction that the Trump administration is causing in a 7 month span. 

Listen below to hear Bakari’s response:

Steve’s talks about taking Trump to task and him pardoning Sheriff Arpaio who… 

...was convicted of criminal contempt related to his hard-line tactics going after undocumented immigrants. - CNN

Bakari’s expresses his passion about not being quiet and calling out the bigotry and quoted Martin Luther King Jr’s statement:

At the end of times we won’t remember the words of our enemies but we will remember the silence of our friends

Listen below to part 3:

Closing the conversation, Bakari talks about his feelings on the electoral College and working within the system that we have. Steve talks of the importance of having the open dialogue and that two intelligent black men can have a disagreement/misunderstanding and talk it out like men.

Listen below to the closing comments: