My Friend is Blind and he Can’t See, Needs Glasses like DMC

Good morning Steve and Shirley. I always hear you talk about the women who are stupid with these dumb decisions that they make over these men, but I need to talk about these dumb men who make these dumb decisions when it comes to women. I have a friend that's been married for eight years and separated, on and off, for six of those years. Right now he's at the separation stage. He has a child by her and she has one of her own. His wife can call him at ANY TIME and he goes running. Whether it's for his child or for his stepchild. She questions where he is and he tells her, she questions what time he has to work and don't let it be the nightshift. He has to call her from work to prove to her that he's there, not to mention that every other week that he gets paid he's over there until nightfall and then asked to leave. Of course after stopping at the store to bring whatever but it's always something needed. Not saying that he's wrong for taking care of the children. They have not had relations in seven months. He doesn’t stay over and she doesn’t come to his apartment. She has a key to his house but he doesn’t have one to hers. When she calls. Oh, he better answer or that's an argument right there. Please help me tell my friend that the only reason why she's like this is because he's her security blanket and he'd better believe that she's getting hers from somewhere else. About my friend. He's the sweetest. To be honest Steve he has a lot of your qualities from opening car doors, taking off girls coat before his own, to carrying all the bags from the store picking up things from the store just to say that I'm thinking of you no special day. Please help Steve. I know how you are. And no I don't want him because I'm happily married for 18 years. We are just friends.