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Prince Charming Turned out to be the Devil with Horns

I'm a 39 year old single mother of two girls 9 and 14. 

I'm educated beautiful and successful and have a good job. I met my Prince Charming online went on a few dates in my life. I've had mishaps when it comes to men. This guy was handsome well-educated and he is every woman's dream. I was so excited to finally meet somebody like him after meeting a couple of, you know... freeloaders. He was my dream come true. My excitement about my Prince Charming ended when I landed in his bed of hell. My first concern was his unwillingness to use protection and I insisted that since we didn't know each other that long that was the safest thing to do. I asked him about his status and he said he was clean. He had no diseases and he was going to show me his status. I was concerned when I realized that he had secretly removed the protection during the encounter and he told me that he does not like using them. After this day I called and told him that I needed to see his HIV status and he said yeah I will send it to you. As I was waiting impatiently, I noticed that he was a bit different. I called him and told him strongly but politely that I needed to know his status. That was the last day I ever heard from him. He stopped calling me. He never answered my calls nor returned them. I called him at work and he told me not to bother him any more. I must leave him alone. Six months later I tested positive for H. I. V What do I do? Do I sue him? Do I let him do this to other women? Should I sit and accept it as my fate. I am devastated! I look at my girls and cry because I have betrayed them. I put myself in a compromising situation. What do I tell them Steve. I know I failed to follow your rule of thumb but I still need your advice. 


Devastated and betrayed.