Sick of My Brothers Girlfriend

Good morning Steve Harvey Morning Show. I'm a 27 year old single mother I pretty much have a great life I'm very happy except for one thing. My relationship with my brother is strained because I cannot stand his girlfriend. She's lazy lying golddigger. My brother and I were roommates for a little over a year until recently when his girlfriend moved in. That's when the phunk hit the fan. The girl wakes up like 2 p.m. every day doesn't work, cook, clean, or do anything productive. She wastes electricity and water and doesn't contribute to any of the household needs or expenses. I got tired of it so I moved out. The only thing she does all day is talk on the phone, send text messages, keeps up drama and play Rock Band. She's disrespectful and rude to everyone she comes in contact with. I don't like her, my parents don't like her, none of my friends, and some of my brothers friends don't even like her. I feel if she's only with my brother because she thinks he has more than what he has and she needs a place to stay. She's trying to get pregnant by him for the third time. She's had two miscarriages and already has a child from a previous relationship that she had to take care. My brother has had several opportunities to get out of this unhealthy relationship but she always finds a way to creep back and despite the many many warning signs, he's still with her. He's never seen so much hell since meeting this girl. Within the one year that he's known her he was carjacked in front of her parent's house. All football attempts have failed. He's lost friends etc.. Someone made a joke that she may have put roots on him because there is nothing about her that would attract a man more or less keep him.