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The Fat Panther Stops By The Steve Harvey Morning Show


The Fat Panther stopped by The Steve Harvey Morning Show and walked in on a mission.

The Fat Panther's real name is Sammy Sumpter. At age 21, while living in the land of Pyawanda, he defeated three other fat men during the town's annual pie eating contest.

After eating 99 pies, he bit into the 100th pie. There was something different about this pie. It was laced with a food potion that gave Sammy special powers of defending all food Injustices.

The Fat Panther pies are filled with a special flavor that makes people do the right thing after he hits them in the face with the pie. 

When there's a food injustice, his food senses activate. He confronts the person committing the injustice with a pie in the face.

Take a listen as the morning show gives him a warm welcome and discuss his duties at The Fat Panther:


Whoa, don't you just love J. Anthony Brown, errr umm The Fat Panther?!

Here's one final message he wants to leave with everyone:


Until next time, be sure to know The Fat Panther sis "keeping his pie on the slice at a time."