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Nephew Tommy's 'Problem' Is Now Rubbing Off on His Son

This week we learned that kids and teens in China are banned from playing video games for more than three hours per week, to help prevent young people from becoming addicted to video games. Many parents said that teenagers' addiction to online games seriously affected their studies, and physical and mental health, leading to a series of social problems. So now, all online gaming must use a real-name verification system, for both citizens of China and visitors to the country.

Shirley asked the guys what they think they waste way too much time or money on. Nephew Tommy owns over 20 pairs of Christian Louboutin sneakers and wants to stop buying them. He also thinks his son may have developed a sneaker buying habit too. Junior says he dines out so much that it costs more than Carla's grocery bill. The people at Houston's now know his order because they see him twice a week. On the other hand, J. Anthony Brown spends way too much time on TikTok, eating chicken, and taking edibles ( which are legal where he lives).

What's something you spend way too much time or money on? Would you be willing to give it up?