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Uncle Steve's Vacation: Man vs Octopus

If you've been a listener of the show for a while, you know that Uncle Steve never has a regular vacation. Something always happens while he's away that is just downright hilarious. His recent vacation was no different. After returning to the show for the first time in weeks; like a souvenir, he had a funny story to tell.

Unc starts the story off by setting the stage, they were on their own area of the beach and not many people were around. However, all of a sudden he hears a man screaming. The man who was originally snorkeling comes up to the shore with a baby octopus on him. What the man did next was crazy and probably an animal violation. He grabbed a beer can and began hitting the octopus. The octopus was obviously unfazed and kept moving and moving. Unc witnessing the entire scene is dying laughing. You're probably wondering if our dear Uncle Steve helped the man, he didn't. Cause he 'didn't know the man or the octopus and didn't want to be another option.'

Finally, out of fear or being just plain annoyed the octopus let's go - but that man's ego couldn't let the situation go. The man punched the octopus and then the octopus latched right on the man's fist. At this point, Uncle Steve is screaming laughing at the sight of it all. The only thing Unc regrets is not recording it, which probably would've made all the gossip sites and went viral.

Learning lesson kids, don't punch or hit wildlife. According to this website you should: "If you have detached the octopus from its mooring but are still being held, turn your body in circles in the water to irritate it into releasing you."

Watch Unc's rendition of the story below!

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