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Uncle Steve's Advice For Staying Together and to Stop Cheating

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Now that summer’s over, lots of people are ready for a nice long cuffing season this winter. However, the cold weather may not be so good for couples, with cheating on the rise.

According to a study from 'Illicit Affairs', September is the month when many people realize they need a break from their significant other and start looking for love elsewhere. The poll finds over 50% of people claim they reassessed their relationship during the pandemic, while 34% of women and 32% of men feel less passionate about their partners after spending so much time at home with them. Plus, with WFH ending and going back in the office beginning, it makes it easier to cheat.

Shirley asked Uncle Steve for some good advice on how couples can stay together and stop all the cheating.

Unc said that if Bill and Melinda Gates can't stay together in a pandemic, that means it's really hard out here for average people - especially because he's a BILLIONAIRE. Many have asked with all that money, how was she not happy? But so many couples did not make it through the pandemic. In the words of Uncle Steve, "COVID not only attacks your body, but it also attacks your relationship." Not one lie was told.

But the ladies of the show pressed Uncle Steve for advice on how to stop cheating. Unc doesn't feel as if he can stop anyone from doing what they want, as he said: "They not going to stop wanting it because I give this Uncle Steve speech."

In the end, if you want a great relationship with your significant other, be a good person to them. Learn to love them in their love language and not yours.

Do you have any advice for cheaters?