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Uncle Steve: Men Can Only Be Friends with Women They Don't Find Attractive

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If there's one thing that can get the people going, it's a debate about male and female friendships. It's always been such a sticky, and touchy topic. Most women believe that they can have strictly platonic relationships with men, while some men believe there's an ulterior motive. I guess depending on the situation that could be true.

However, today on the show the question was raised again to Uncle Steve, and he began to explain it in-depth. He says, men and women, can be friends if the man is not attracted to the woman. Uh oh, we already know his response is going to turn heads and raise eyebrows.

But what are your thoughts on it? We see it often that people who were friends for decades start dating and getting married. Does that mean they weren't 'truly' friends and the man was just waiting for a 'crack' in the friendship to make a move? What was the conversation or action that took a 100% friendship situation into a romantic relationship? Sadly, what happens when the romantic relationship doesn't yield the desired results, do you lose a friend and a partner - that's tough!