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Uncle Steve Calls Out The Inhumane Treatment of Haitian Migrants

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America, the beautiful? The land of the free? It didn't look like it when images came out of Texas earlier this week showing Border Patrol agents on horses whipping Haitian migrants who were coming here for a better way of life. The inhumane treatment of the Haitian migrants had us all upset, especially Uncle Steve.

The crew took some time out this morning during the show to share their concerns and frustrations. Uncle Steve said Everybody's not crime drugs and you know it. They have bags with food and water, this is just inhumane.

According to Black Information Network, Filippo Grandi, the United Nation's top refugee official, has warned America about its treatment of Haitian migrants at the southern border. Grandi has encouraged the Biden Administration to scale back health-related immigration restrictions such as Title 42 that were implemented in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As he explained, Title 42 denies "most people arriving at the southwest U.S. land border any opportunity to request asylum.”

“The summary, mass expulsions of individuals currently underway under the Title 42 authority, without screening for protection needs, is inconsistent with international norms and may constitute refoulement,” Grandi said in a statement obtained by Reuters.