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Carla's Reality Update: The Mother's Tea and the Couple's Trips

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As usual, it got a little HOT this week in the world of reality television, and our girl Carla came with all the tea! Sit back and enjoy!

This week on the Real Housewives of Potomac, Candiace’s mom, Ms. Dorothy is still all up in Chris’s and Candiace’s marriage. First, she makes her way over to their house with opinions on the couch, throw pillows, and home décor. A straight-up mess!

So, as we all know, Candiace is a singer, and she asked the ladies of the group (minus Ashley) to be a part of her music video. However, her husband and manager, Chris, and his team didn’t have some things on the video set organized. Wheeeew chile the ghetto! The ladies had to use their own cars in her video. Well, Ms. Dorothy was whispering to Karen while on set, and she accused her son-in-law of quickly quitting his job after getting married to become a ” house husband” and a “coat tail rider.” Ms. Dorothy even low-key implied that she’s still paying their mortgage. Are you surprised? Karen could not handle all of the tea and was like, “please stop telling me all of this”.

Well after this episode aired, Chris addressed his mother-in-law on Twitter. “Trying to recall a time that I have ever had a conversation with my mother-in-law about my financial status and bank records or life experiences…but please speak on it #rhop,” he tweeted. He followed that with, “At this point….it’s really F**K everybody….don’t ask me for sh*t…I’m good over here.”

In the world of Love and Marriage: Huntsville, Tisha, and Marsau invited the couples on a trip to Las Vegas. They even included the newly divorced couple Melody and Martell. Tisha and Marsau had a discussion about Kimmy’s son Jaelyn’s job responsibilities and being professional. Kimmy defended her son and told her brother and sister-in-law, that she always checks her son about being professional, and her husband Maurice backed her up on that. Tisha and Kimmy squashed their beef and now the sisters-in-law are good. Well, Melody arrived to Las Vegas to join the group, and her ex Martell was already there. As you can imagine, it is very hard going on a couple’s trip with your ex-spouse, and as expected the Holts, had a big argument, and blow up in the desert while taking a break driving the sling shot car excursion.

Carla’s Reality Update question: Would you go on a couple’s trip to Las Vegas with other couples knowing your ex-spouse would be there?

Let us know in the comments.

Until next week, KEEP IT HOT!