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Uncle Steve Speaks On Cellphones, Instagram Influencers, and Easy Work

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As we all know, yesterday was a BIG shocker in the world of social media. For over five hours, social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were down. Many rumors circulated as to what caused the damage, but one thing rang true - everyone was freaked out. So this morning, Shirley raised a great question to the crew about what in the current world would be the most surprising to your younger self. She also asked if Uncle Steve would be upset and shocked about how people can actually make a living as “Influencers” by taking pictures of themselves and posting them on the Internet?

Uncle Steve said he's most shocked that we have cellphones that talk back to us with Siri. When he was growing up, he was impressed by his Dad being able to talk on the porch with a 50 ft extension cord connected to the house phone. He's also happy we don't have to use a live operator to connect us to people.

As a man who is used to doing hard work, he's impressed by influencers. Why would you not want to make money by doing something relatively simple? As he says, there were only 3 television stations back in the day, there was nothing to "influence."

What's something in the current world that would shock your younger self? Comment below.