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The Strawberry Letter: My Children Are Inconvenient

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Subject: My children are inconvenient

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 51-year-old married woman and I’ve been with my husband for 7 years. We met at a rap concert while picking up our daughters who were both 16 at the time. He and I started talking about how we shouldn’t have let our daughters go unchaperoned. My daughter and her friends came out first and he got my number before I walked away. We instantly clicked and he proposed after a year of dating. Our daughters didn’t know each other so they demanded separate bedrooms as we struggled to blend our families after marriage. Right now, we live with two 23-year-old women and he has a son that is 19 and he comes and goes as he pleases. When he breaks up with his girl, he’s back on our couch for a few weeks. All of our bedrooms, all of our closets, and 2 storage rooms have been taken over by grown children. My husband and I are a decent couple and my man works hard and so do I. We brought our children up in the church and we made sure they went to college. All three of them dropped out. Our girls smoke weed and I’m sure our son does too, but he’s just better at hiding it. The girls smoke in our backyard and the neighbors used to complain but now they just accept it as we do. I talked to my husband about us selling our house and downsizing to a condo so these freeloaders won’t have any space, but he’s got a soft spot for these grown lazy women. I want to redo our kitchen and den, but I refuse to make our home nicer until the freeloaders leave. I don’t feel bad for them because they’re a major inconvenience at this point. They have no way to take care of themselves if we put them out. What can we do to get these grow-ups out of here?