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The Strawberry Letter: Bubble Bath, Bourbon, and Berries

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Subject: Bubble bath, bourbon, and berries

Dear Steve and Shirley my husband and I’ve been married for two years and when I met him, he came from out of nowhere. I do not know anyone that knows him and could vouch for his character. I knew he’d been married before and I found who she was and how she looked and carried herself. On social media, she was dressed ghetto and she loved multi-colored wigs but she’s a nurse so she must be professional at times. I also noticed that she was also still wearing her bridal set, the ring, and the band. I asked him if he still talked to her and he said only on social media. I felt like he wasn’t being truthful so I decided to keep an eye on him and this woman. I never checked his phone but I knew the passcode to his phone. Out of the blue on our second anniversary, he called me and said he got arrested for failure to pay a traffic fine. I got to the jail to try to bail him out and they said he’d have to stay overnight. I got his belongings and found out that he lied about what he was arrested for. It was for the issuance of a bad check and it was to an apartment building. I got his watch, wedding ring, and cell phone and headed home, mad as heck. I got home and checked his phone. The first thing I checked was his call log and texts and both were deleted. I checked the pictures and there was a video of him in one of those 2-hour motels, sitting in a sunken tub full of bubbles, holding a cup of brown liquor with a bowl of blueberries beside the tub. The ex-wife was standing over him and I won’t tell you what he was doing to her. I’m so outdone with this nasty man and I want to move out while he’s in jail. I found the ex-wife’s phone number and told her to go bail him out because I’m done with him. What do I do now