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Carla's Reality Update: Real Housewives of Shady Trips and Lettuce Fights

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Coming in HOT with Carla's Reality Update!

Back on the lake trip outside of Potomac, it's starting to get a little crazy! But let's start by asking, what is Candiace’s problem? Monique told us last season about Candiace and her mouth, that’s why she had to snatch her!

Anyway, Wendy and her husband Eddie hosted a resort couple’s trip. When Mia and her husband G. arrived the couples decided to get settled in, and do a couple of shots and establish the theme for the trip, Good Vibes Only”. Mia’s husband G. shocked everybody but Mia when he told his wife to shut the “f- up”. He didn’t want her to interrupt the surprise phone call from a car dealer, to tell her that was getting a new G -Wagon. The ladies went into another room, to talk privately, and Mia and Candiace got into an argument again! Mia got on the phone with her BFF and while on speaker, Mia called the Potomac ladies on the trip, “broke b-words”! Candiace responded, “Your mama’s a broke b-word”. Now we all know Mia’s mother was a drug addict, and currently, both mother and daughter are currently trying to mend their broken relationship. So Candiace is going too far with the “Yo Mama” jokes. The group is back downstairs in the kitchen, and that’s when Karen and Ashley arrive, Mia tells Karen that Candiace is mean, things got heated again. Mia told Candiace again that her video was low budget, and then Candiace’s replied, “Your mama is low budget”. Candiace threw some lettuce at Mia, and Mia threw lettuce back at Mia. I think Candiace needs to grow up. Remember Wendy’s theme for this trip was Good Vibes Only. Lol

Until next time, keep it HOT!