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Uncle Steve and the Crew Talk Dave Chappelle and Netflix

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Last week, comedian Dave Chappelle, released his latest stand-up special on Netflix, called “The Closer.” At the beginning of the special, Chappelle says that this will be his last special.

The special had many mixed reviews from fans to journalists and even organizations. It was an hour and fifteen minutes of him going through and explaining his jokes that have offended people in the past, mainly those of the LGBTQIA community. Chappelle says he’s not transphobic or homophobic and he’s really a "feminist". His jokes are not to offend the LGBTQIA community, but to shed light on how quickly things change for them and not the African-American community. At the end of the special, he told a story of how he met a transwoman and it was her dream to do comedy. When he performed in San Francisco he let her open up for her and she bombed, but throughout the night while he was on stage they had a good back and forth. This same woman took up for him after the LGBTQIA community went after his last special and she was later "trolled" so horrifically, she killed herself. He's set up a trust fund for her child to receive when they are 18.

However nice we thought his good deed was, the special in its entirety led to people calling for Netflix to take it down. Three Netflix employees were suspended for attempting to go into a top-level meeting to explain why it offended them. Netflix says they won’t be removing the comedian’s special.

Comedians across the world have rallied behind Dave and his art with the slogan “Be Free.”