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The Strawberry Letter: I’m Getting Played By an Old Man

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Subject: I’m Getting Played By an Old Man

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 28-year-old divorced woman and I fell on hard times during the pandemic. I got laid off and then I got a bad case of Covid and had to move in with my father and step-mom. That’s where I met my step-mom’s 69-year-old brother and he swept me off my feet. We started working out together and we ran a marathon together. He started out giving me money for my hair and nails and then he gave me a car to drive. My dad asked him why he was being so generous and he said that he can only drive one car at a time, so he didn’t mind. My dad warned me to watch out for him but I was already attracted to this man and was ready to sleep with him. I told this man I was attracted to him and he said that he’d been waiting to hear that because he had been attracted to me from the jump. We had sex in his car that day. It all happened quickly and I loved it. From that day on, he gave me money freely and he started sneaking over to my dad’s house to be intimate with me while my dad and step-mom were at work. The more we had sex, the more I wanted to be with him. He said he would get me an apartment so we could stop having sex at my dad’s house. Then, he abruptly stopped calling and coming to see me and he texted me and asked for his car back. I called him over a million times and he wouldn’t answer. He texted again to tell me that he was with someone new and he’s moving her in with him. He blocked my phone number after that. I was heartbroken and mad. He promised to get me an apartment and he played me. Should I give him an ultimatum to get the apartment or I’ll tell my dad how he tricked me into falling for him? How do I handle this?