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The Strawberry Letter: I Was In The Closet The Whole Time

Subject: I was in the closet the whole time

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m 28 years old and single and I’ve had the worst dating history of all of my friends. I was recently dating a guy that told me he had a stalker and we had to lay low for a while until she left him alone. I understood why he might have a stalker because he is fine and sexy with a bald head and full beard. He’s 36 years old so I was intrigued by dating an older man for the first time. I had been to his home a few times and it was very nice so I asked him who helped him decorate it. He said his mother used to be an interior designer so she helped him out. We primarily spent time at my apartment though because his house was way in the suburbs. All of these red flags were popping up but I overlooked them because I wanted this to work out. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Last weekend, we had planned to see Frankie Beverly and Maze in concert and he had a car service pick me up first and then pick him up. He told me to come in so we could have a drink before we left. We started fooling around and he took me into one of the guest bedrooms, which I thought was weird. As I got naked, I heard a woman’s voice. He picked me up, wrapped in the sheets and put me in a walk-in closet and said he thinks his stalker is in the house and I need to stay in the closet and be quiet because she’s crazy. I could faintly hear him asking the woman to go to the concert with him and then silence. Fifteen minutes later, he texted me and asked me to make up the bed and get an Uber and he’d explain things later. I left the room a mess and I left. He has been calling me non-stop but I won’t answer. Why did he force me in the closet and leave? Should I hear him out or keep ignoring him?

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