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Uncle Steve Talks Anti-Vaccine Theories And A World Without Black People

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In trending news, Ice Cube is taking a strong stance against his decision to not get the COVID-19 vaccination and it’s costing him nine million dollars.

Yes, Ice Cube has reportedly dropped out of the upcoming film “Oh Hell No” co-starring Jack Black because he does not want to get vaccinated and he was set to be paid $9 million for the role. According to industry reports, Ice Cube has permanently exited the upcoming Sony comedy after he declined requests from the film’s producers to get vaccinated. The film’s production start date has been pushed back, as Sony attempts to find a replacement for him.

According to USA Today, a recent poll shows that 5% of unvaccinated adults have left a job over a vaccine mandate. So Shirley asked the crew if they would leave $9million on the table.

Uncle Steve says he would never leave his work about the shot and everything that they say is anti-vaccine is a theory. People are saying that the vaccine is trying to kill Black people. "The world would not be worth a QUARTER without Black people." Junior says comedy is gone first. Along with music, PRISONS, and TikTok.

Would you leave your job because of a vaccine mandate?