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The Strawberry Letter: My Ex Paid For My Grandmother's Funeral

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Subject: My ex paid for my grandma’s funeral

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am engaged to a man that I work with. We both teach elementary school and when he transferred to my school, it was love at first sight for me. At the time, I had only been divorced a few months and my ex-husband was still pursuing me and trying to work things out. He cheated on me more than a few times when we were married, so I divorced him. He didn’t contest anything and I got whatever I asked for because he is still in love with me. I have our family home, sitting on 3 acres and he let me have both of our dogs. I lost respect for him every time I heard a rumor of him cheating and I’m much happier divorced. Now fast forward to when I met my fiancé and we became inseparable in no time. My ex-husband was overbearing and used his money to try to lure me back in. He bought me a Range Rover last year for my birthday and I could not tell my fiancé this, so the car is still at my ex’s house. When we first got engaged, I was honest with my fiancé about my ex’s extravagant gifts so he wouldn’t find out later and be upset. He told me that I do not set boundaries with my ex because I like the attention. I told him I would do better. Then my grandma died. She and my ex-husband were very close so I knew he’d be at the funeral. My fiancé and I went to her funeral and as soon as the service came to an end, my grandfather stood up and thanked my ex-husband for paying for everything. My fiancé was furious so we skipped the repast. I tried to control the situation by calling my ex and telling him to stop coming around my family. My fiancé told me that we’re going to pay my ex-husband back for the funeral. Is my fiancé crazy? Why does it matter who paid for it?