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Uncle Steve and J. Anthony Brown Discuss Angry People at Comedy Shows

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Comedian Affion Crockett was on stage Friday night at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, FL when he had an encounter with a white woman that stormed the stage during his stand-up show. The woman made a comment about his jokes about sex being too offensive and Affion told her he is referring to consenting adults and describing his own experiences. Then he took a poll from the audience and no one else was offended. Affion called the lady a “Karen” and told her to get off his stage. Security escorted the lady off stage while the crowd heckled her. Affion yelled “Byyyeeee Karen,” as she left. Later, Affion posted a picture of the lady on stage with him, with the caption, “Soo tonight I had my first KAREN storm the stage like the Capitol. I can’t make this sh$t up. When I perform, I SAID WHAT I SAID. If you don’t like it, don’t come. Cancel deez nuts.”

So we asked our favorite comedians if they've ever had a situation similar to Affion's. While nobody has made it to the stage to stop the show, there have been hecklers.

Would you stay at a comedy show if you didn't agree with the comedian, would you say something?