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Carla's Reality Update: Zen Wen, The FBI and Bubble Baths with Meredith

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The Real Housewives Of Potomac- Reunion Part Two- Mia got called out, about her social media posts. First, she blamed her mistakes on her social media manager, however, the ladies weren’t buying that excuse. Mia decided to own up to her disaster social media posts and apologize. Karen and Gizelle tried to tell Candiace, to chill out, and stop going in on people like that. Candiace disagreed and she feels like all of the women on the show go too far. It also appears that Gizelle and Karen have squashed their beef and said that can be cool and still throw humorous shade at each other. The ladies hugged it out, and Gizelle grabbed Karen’s booty. Meanwhile, there is a big beef between Wendy and Gizelle. Wendy is salty at Gizelle, for bringing up a rumor on that was circulating on a blog, accusing Wendy’s husband Eddie of cheating. Wendy said, "This is my issue here: that blog was read by maybe hundreds of people. This show is watched by millions of people. Why would you bring that on this platform if you know it's a lie?" But Gizelle felt like it wasn’t that deep, and she didn’t believe the rumor anyway. Get ready for Part Three and Four! We can’t wait to see guest host Nicki Minaj.

Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City! Listen, when the FEDS, Homeland Security, FBI, AND NYPD, show up when you’re about to head out on a girl's trip, honey you’re going to jail. But let me tell you that Whitney Rose, broke it all the way down, she figured it out, how Jenn Shah allegedly broke the law. She said she has always been suspicious of Jenn’s lifestyle. She felt that was she living way above her means. Heather was very upset too. I want to know why Lisa called six of her lawyers for advice. Are you involved? Another scary moment was when the law enforcement officials showed up at Jen’s house with guns out. Meanwhile, back on the party bus. Lisa calls Meredith who is already in Vail, to tell her about Jenn’s arrest and the trouble she is in, and Meredith says, I’m not surprised. But my favorite scene of all time is Meredith taking a bubble bath. Everybody is all upset about Jenn’s arrest, and my girl, the Ice Queen is taking a bubble bath. Checkmate.

Then finally the ladies arrive at the house, and Meredith is still in the bubble bath, and they are like, WTH, we need to talk our friend just got arrested. Later at dinner, Meredith told the ladies that someone from Jen’s team stole a bag from her boutique… and she has the footage, the employee bought the bag …. Maybe it was a misunderstanding, but I’m telling you I think Meredith tip off the feds, and she doesn’t give a damn.