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The Strawberry Letter: Behind The Christmas Tree

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Subject: Behind the Christmas Tree

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been married for 14 years and I have a busy schedule as a high school basketball coach. After years of marriage, my wife still doesn’t get how stressed I am around this time of year and she had been pressuring me to buy a Christmas tree and have it up by December 1st. I missed her deadline cause of my schedule. This past Saturday, I left for practice and she said she picked out a tree online and it was going to be delivered later that day. I knew it didn’t sound right, but I didn’t really care at that point. Around noon, one of my players got sick so I cancelled the practice. I intended to go home and help out with the Christmas tree. I drove up and my daughter was outside shooting hoops with her friends. She said her mom and Mr. Tim were inside putting up the tree. The only Tim I know is my wife’s ex-boyfriend that drives a truck like the one in front of my house. I walked in and my wife was disheveled and acting jumpy. I hugged her and I could smell cologne all over her neck. I pulled her with me as we went to look at the tree and I asked where Tim was. She said Tim was behind the tree, securing it to the base. I walked over to Tim, I tapped his foot and I told him to come out and leave my house. Tim said he was just helping out since I was too busy to do what needed to be done. I was ready to fight but my wife grabbed me as Tim walked out. She said it’s my fault and I shouldn’t be upset. I told her she’s foul for having her ex in our house. She doesn’t see the situation from my point of view so I’d love to invite my ex-girlfriend over and ask her to bring me one of her amazing chocolate cakes. I wonder if my wife will get it then. I’m very vindictive... should I do it or not?