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The Strawberry Letter: My Husband Is Scared To Come Home

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Subject: My husband is scared to come home

Dear Steve and Shirley, I have been married for the past six years to a man that my older sister introduced me to. They met at work and she told me he wasn’t her type. We dated for 2 years and he asked me to marry him and he promised me the world. We had a small wedding and we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and he insisted that my sister go with us. She was supposed to bring the guy she was dating but he couldn’t go at the last minute. We had a suite on the ship and my sister stayed in the guest room of our suite. That was a bit uncomfortable for me because I wanted to be alone with my man. They are early risers so I would get up and they would’ve already had coffee and would be sitting outside chatting. I was very jealous of his relationship with my sister. I told her to give my husband some space and she said she would. But she didn’t stop hanging out with him, she just started hiding it from me. I went to her office a few days ago and my husband’s fedora was on a chair in her office. She said he let her wear it when they went for drinks and it started raining. I had no idea they went out and she said it’s nothing to report because it’s like going out with one of the boys. Then she said she doesn’t need my permission to hang out with my husband. I walked over to my husband’s desk and told him I needed to talk to him about my sister. He said we’d talk when he came home. That was four days ago and he has not been home since that day. He’s staying with his brother and when I call, he gets off the phone, saying that he doesn’t want to argue. I think he realized that he married the wrong sister. Why else is he scared to come home? Is he romantically involved with my sister?