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The Strawberry Letter: Humpday and Wednesday are Two Different Days

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Subject: Humpday and Wednesday are two different days

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 47 year old married woman and I’ve been married for 25 years. We met when we were very young and we got married and had our 4 children while we were still young. My husband was a big nerd that was slightly overweight, had bad skin and he needed braces. I was shy and didn’t have any friends, so I was eager to have a boyfriend for the first time. He made me feel like a princess and I have never been with another man in my life. But he has definitely been with other women. After we’d been married for 15 years, a woman called my house and said she had been dating my husband for 6 years and she wanted me to know because she knew I was a good God-fearing woman. I started to feel so guilty because I had stopped having sex with my husband after our last child, so I blamed myself for the cheating. I got my act together and we talked to our pastor to fix our marriage. I had no reason to believe he was cheating anymore because he was a model citizen after the affair. Well, fast forward to last November and I’m standing in the kitchen and my husband got a text with a “Happy Hump Day” message with no name listed. I got the phone and texted back, “But it’s Sunday.” The reply was, “Stop playing, I can’t wait to see you.” I texted, “Where?” and the reply was, “The usual hump day spot.” I took his phone upstairs to him and asked him what’s the Hump Day spot? He grabbed his phone from me and he examined the messages and then he said somebody must have texted him by mistake. He changed his number and deleted all of his social media. Now I hate Wednesdays because I think he was using “Hump Day” as a special code. Is he still a cheater?