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Uncle Steve and the Crew on Dr. Fauci Losing His Cool Last Week

Dr. Anthony Fauci has built a reputation for being diplomatic, but last week, he lost his cool a little bit - and it was caught on a hot mic. Dr. Fauci was heard mumbling "moron" after Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas asked him about his personal finances. During a hearing, Marshall asked if he would be "willing to submit to Congress a financial disclosure that includes your past and current investments." Fauci pointed out that his financials are already a matter of public record, as required by federal law. That's when he uttered the insult. According to, Fauci's annual salary in 2020 was $434,312

Uncle Steve says, "Fauci is getting tired of them because they're politicizing this whole thing about the vaccines. What they're doing now is really sickening for this country. Ain't nobody asking the people what they want and we're going nowhere and getting nothing."

He goes on to say, he knows a lot of Democrats that don't want the vaccine and Republicans who are down there getting the vaccine.

Carla says it's all happening at the cost of people losing their lives.

Has there been a time in your life when you muttered something and the person heard you? How did you fix it?

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