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The Strawberry Letter: In Love and Terrified

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Subject: In love and terrified

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m 32 and my boyfriend and I have been together for six months. He’s a great guy and everything I’d hoped for in my second husband. Yes, I say husband because he’s been talking about marriage already. We’re both divorced and ready to settle down so we got the important stuff out of the way early on. I get along great with his parents and my mother loves him. He’s in a rental and I own my home, so he’s planning to move in with me. I have fallen for this man and I can’t see myself living without him, but there’s one thing I don’t love, and that’s his size. The first time I got married, I was really young and inexperienced and I had no idea how small my first husband was. I had nothing to compare it to because he’s the only other man I’ve been with. The first time I was intimate with my current boyfriend, I called my doctor the next day because I was sure something was broken below. She let me know that everything was fine and she gave me some items that would help with intimacy. None of that stuff works and I feel like I am letting my boyfriend down every time he tries to make love to me. We talked about it and he assured me that he loves me and he’ll be patient with me. He also told me that he’s never had this problem with a female before. My doctor told me there’s nothing wrong with my body, he’s just too large. I’m terrified whenever he starts coming on to me but I try to play it off. We had a heated talk about our sex life recently and he admitted that he’s disappointed and this could be a big dealbreaker for him. How can he make our intimacy the main focus? Does this mean we’re not compatible