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The Strawberry Letter: This Cannot Be My Life

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Subject: This cannot be my life

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 35-year-old female with a cute face and a small waist. I haven’t had any trouble meeting men but I’ve had trouble keeping a man. That’s all behind me now because I’m seeing a man that caters to me, respects me, and will do anything he needs to do, to put a smile on my face. He thinks ahead and is a great planner. We’ve been dating almost a year and he wants to go on an anniversary trip, so I think he might be ready to propose. I got rid of all of my exes and I changed my life around to make sure my past is in the past. I stopped hanging out and I stopped posting suggestive pictures on social media because I wanted to have queen-like behavior for my king. Our first date was at his house and we had grilled steaks, a lot of wine, and a lot of great conversation. He told me upfront that he wants to be married but he wants the option to have more than one woman in his life if it’s okay with his wife. I love women too, so we have that in common. Throughout our relationship, we have had 6 different girls in our bed. I submit to him in bed and do whatever he tells me to do and it drives him wild. We’ve been to counseling together because his last girlfriend got jealous and flipped out on him, so he thought it would help me. Here’s my problem though… My mother and I are very close so she is aware of what’s going on in my relationship. She doesn’t condone it and she told me if my boyfriend proposes, she will be out of my life for good. I told her I cannot believe this is my life, with such a handsome, caring, and open man. I may never find another man that I’m this compatible with. Why is my mother being so judgmental and why is she forcing me to make a choice?