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Uncle Steve Explains Why Most Men Don't Do Closure

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Over the weekend, Shirley saw a video on social media of a man, who was honest about why he ditched women in the past without an explanation or closure. He said the woman he ghosted was either too much for him at the time, meaning he did not measure up to her, or he was looking for the path of least resistance. What does all of this mean?

Uncle Steve said "No, I think women have to understand that a lot of the time when a man breaks up with you a woman immediately goes what’s wrong with me? The reason men don’t give you closure is that most men don’t want to admit that they’re not man enough or the woman is too much." By 'too much' he means her standards are too high and the man can't meet the requirement.

He went on to say that sometimes what they’re saying is that they need a woman that’s less than them and then they go and find a woman who is less.

The one thing Uncle Steve reminded women is that it's NOT the woman, it's the man, and the majority of the time men don't think they owe you anything and just walk.

Have you ever been ghosted? How did you handle it?