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The Strawberry Letter: Caught on Camera

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Subject: Caught on camera

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 42-year-old married woman but I’m separated from my husband. I’ve been married 4 years and I was in a long-distance marriage because my husband works almost 3 hours away. He was offered a job that he couldn’t refuse, so I told him to take it. With him being out of town during the week, I got a home security system installed, with 4 cameras. I put one camera in the basement and one in the main living area, one at the back door and one at the front door. I put the alarm App on my phone so I could watch the cameras while I was at work. On a Tuesday, about a month ago, I was at work and I got an alert that the alarm was going off, then it was reset. It sent chills up my spine because I was the only one in town and the only person that could’ve reset my alarm. I looked at the cameras and I saw my husband in our basement and a woman was with him. The woman sat down as my husband went upstairs. He came back minutes later with his garment bag, then he kissed the woman and they walked out the basement door. I called him and he lied and said he was at work and about to go to lunch and he would call me back. I told him to quit lying because I know he’s in town and he had a woman in our house. I asked him why didn’t he tell me he was in town and why he would bring a woman into my house. He hung up on me. That night he called and said he had a business event to attend, so he needed his tux and he used the basement door out of respect for me, so the woman wouldn’t be all over our home. He said he was going to take some time away from me, to work on himself. It has been almost a month since he’s reached out to me, so I filed for a legal separation. Still no word from him. Is my marriage over?