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Uncle Steve On Coach Brian Flores and The NFL

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Like the majority of us, we're still not understanding why the NFL is not hiring black coaches. This is a league dominated by black players. Former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the NFL and three of its teams, alleging racial discrimination. In the documents filed on behalf of Flores in Manhattan federal court, the former coach, who was fired by the Dolphins despite a winning season, contends that his interview with the Giants was nothing more than a move to satisfy the Rooney Rule, which now requires teams to interview at least two external minority candidate for all head coaching vacancies. Flores also said that the league is racially segregated and the NFL is managed like a plantation. The owners get to sit in the luxury suites on Sundays, and the players get to take vicious hits and suffer debilitating injuries to their bodies and brains, while the owners make billions of dollars. Currently, Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin is the only black head coach in the NFL.

Years ago, Uncle Steve did a comedy routine at the NFL Honors where he decided to address this same situation, but with humor. It was about Uncle Steve cutting deals for the players.

Uncle Steve says that the NFL has a problem now because it's a class-action lawsuit and it has to be addressed, you just can't throw this under the rug.

He also believes Brian Flores will never coach in the NFL again. The crew seemed bothered by that statement. Unc said, let me ask you something when's the last time you've seen Colin Kaepernick play? Once you go up against that shield you're finished. Now, they paid Colin and they'll pay Flores but it's going to be some years