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The Strawberry Letter: My Husband's Stray Cat

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Subject: My husband’s stray cat

Dear Steve and Shirley, my husband and I are in our late thirties and my husband is working on his bachelor’s degree. He’s been at it for a few years because he also works full time. He has an old friend that is a high school English teacher and she’s helped him a lot with his essays and public speaking class. She’s come by our home and sat with him for hours at our kitchen table trying to get him together so he can get this degree. The farthest thing from my mind was him being attracted to her. Then he started to say things like, “Intelligence is sexy.” I thought he was referring to me because I have a degree and I’m a licensed social worker. He meant HER though. I noticed him texting her every morning, so I read his texts a few weeks ago when he was in the shower. He texts her “Good Morning Queen” every morning and her response is, “Hi King.” Then it’s basic stuff like “Have a great day” or “Read your syllabus.” But the fact that she gets a “Good Morning Queen” every day blew my mind. So, my Spidey senses were up and I started paying attention to everything. I noticed he changes his shirt and freshens up before she comes over and he always has a little snack prepared. All of this was going on right under my nose all along. I finally got the chance to tell her to stay in her place… She called me Saturday to let me know my husband is on track to receive his degree in May and she wants to throw him a big party and she wants my help. I told her she had life all EF’d up because she’s not throwing a darn thing for my husband. I told her to stay in her place as the helper and once my husband graduates, she can lose his number. She called me crazy and hung up. Now my husband is furious and wants me to apologize. Was I wrong?