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The Strawberry Letter: Keeping It In The Family

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Subject: Keeping it in the family

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 32-year-old single female and I had been celibate for three years until recently. I don't go out much so the only men I see are at my job. One day I needed help with my car so I asked an older male co-worker for his help. He came over to look at my tire and he brushed against my breast and looked at me. Our eyes locked and I could tell he was interested, so I asked him to come by and take a look at my washing machine. He came over and of course, we had sex. He’s average size but he’s into a lot of kinky stuff so he let me experiment on him. Then right after Christmas, he told me he needed some time to take care of a few personal matters and he stopped calling me. The main reason I became celibate is because I’m a nymphomaniac and once I get good sex, I want it all the time. But he can’t deliver, because my messy co-worker said his wife suspected he was cheating and threatened to leave him. I kept my mouth and legs closed to him after that and I set my sights on a new guy that works at the lunch counter downstairs. The new guy is my age and he loves to flirt so I asked him to go to the movies. We fooled around in the movies and his package was too tiny to please me so I faked it until it was over. The very next day, I saw my married lover talking to him at the lunch counter. I steered clear of both of them. My messy co-worker sat down and started gossiping about how the man’s son just got out of jail, so he got him a job downstairs. As fate would have it, I slept with the jailbird and his daddy. It’s only a matter of time before my messy co-worker finds out all of my dirt. Should I get a new job or just deny, deny, deny everything? Please help.