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Uncle Steve Makes The Cover of Paper Magazine

In a world where a lot of things and people are fake, Uncle Steve wants to set the record straight on who is the 'real' Steve Harvey. All of us have watched him in some form or fashion over the last four decades. His talent is undeniable, as a comedian, author, radio personality, and television host. He's certainly a once-in-a-lifetime entertainer.

This week he graced the latest issue of Paper Magazine, paying homage to the late fashion visionary André Leon Talley. He rocked a two-piece set by Dior, a bright red cape by Balenciaga Couture, custom Alta Moda shoes, and sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent while puffing on a cigar. Of course, he used his stylist Elly Karamoh to help pull off the look.

The photos were amazing, but the interview between his daughter's boyfriend, actor Michael B. Jordan, said a lot about who Uncle Steve is and how we can all learn from him when it comes to success and faith. Read some of the quotes below, and find the full interview here.

Steve: You hear people say, “I'm not a role model.” Yes, you are. If you reach a certain level of fame and some kid is emulating you and wanting to be like you, you have an obligation. I made a decision a long time ago on my shows that when people pay money to come see me, I didn't want them to just sit in the audience and laugh. So instead of going in the back and sitting down, getting makeup on and drinking water, I stay out there on commercial breaks and take questions from audience members. Or sometimes I go, “Can I share something with y'all?” And then I tell them a lesson I learned. Little did I know the cameras were running because people started going, “Wow, don't cut the camera off on this guy.” I know everybody out there struggling with something, I don't care who you are. Look man, I'm older than most cats, so if I know the answer to something and I can solve some of your problems, I don't have no problem doing that. It's been one of the great offset benefits of my life.

Steve: What people do is, they have this very ambitious goal, and they don't realize that you still have to take incremental steps to get there. So it causes confusion and disappointment, and they oftentimes turn back. We take these incremental steps, and we go a step higher and a step higher. Every time you get a little bit higher, you get a different view. The higher you go, it causes you to see more things, more opportunities, more chances, but you can only get these views the higher up you go. It’s a blessing and a curse, too. The blessing is you get these incredible views from being up this high, but then you realize you see too much.