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The Strawberry Letter: My Wife Is Hella Aggressive

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Subject: My wife is hella aggressive

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m 35 years old and my wife is 34. We’ve been married for four years and we have a toddler. My wife is 5’1” and she weighs about 125lbs but her mouth is as big as a lioness’ mouth. Everything she does is big. She talks loud and laughs loud so I’ve learned to sit back and let her do her thing. She says I get things wrong or I don’t remember all of the details, so she will yell for me to shut up and let her talk when we are around our friends. My dad witnessed it and told me that I have a real problem on my hands and I need to check her. In the heat of an argument, I want to put my foot down, but she usually gives me an ‘oral treat’ as an apology. But she’s so aggressive, it’s scary. A week ago, we did a petting zoo in the yard for our daughter’s birthday. My wife wanted a sheep to come, along with other small animals. I could not find a sheep and I didn’t tell her beforehand because I didn’t want to set her off. On the day of the party, when she did not see the sheep, she lost her cool and cursed me out in front of all the parents at the party. She acted a complete fool and the petting zoo crew left. That night, she caught me in my man cave trying to relax and she started another argument. Then she started ripping my shirt and shorts off and I got turned on. She literally banged on my chest, pinned me down and bit my shoulders during sex. She was hella aggressive and it hurt, but not bad enough to stop her. I had red marks all over my body, but the sex was amazing. How can I get her to tone it down a little bit so we can get to the good stuff and skip all the arguing and aggression as foreplay? Please help.