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Carla's Reality Update: Who Gon Check Me, Masked Singers and Salt Fake City

Real Housewives Of Atlanta- Kandi Burrus says get ready because season 14 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is going to be good without Cynthia Bailey and Porscha Williams. Now according to Page Six, Kandi said that Cynthia and Porscha are dearly missed but the season will survive without them,”. Kandi went on to say, “They are definitely loved by the fans, and coming into this, I was kind of nervous doing it without them. But it turns out that we needed this change on this show. We needed to mix things up and it turned out really, really great.” New cast member Olympian Sanya Richards- Ross has been added to the cast, along with the promotion of long-time RHOA friend Marlo Hampton, and my girl, Sheree’ “Who Gone Check Me Boo” Whitfield is back.

“The Masked Singer”- Did you see the wild and weird season seven premiere of the reality competition show, “The Masked Singer. While the Firefly contestant was singing, “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan, she started choking during her performance, and judge Ken Jeong ran to the stage to help her. If you didn’t know Judge Ken is a medical doctor. The Firefly was also seen by the medics on set, and she was okay to return and sing. Then there was another little incident…who let the dogs out? The McTerrier contestant’s costume head wobbled off a little bit while singing, but fans didn’t recognize him. ***Spoiler alert: Nick Cannon revealed the identity of McTerrier to the viewers, pastry chef Duff Goodman, but he was eliminated.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City – Part Two Reunion. Let me just start off by saying, it was the hot mic tantrum for me. My girl Meredith was disgusted by her friend of ten years, Lisa Barlow's hot mic tantrum. Remember while on the girl's trip, Lisa was really upset with Meredith because she felt that Meredith is more loyal to Mary Cosby than to her. While in her room, Lisa went off while still wearing her hot microphone. Lisa said Meredith was "fake" as she said things about her friends’ sex life. "F— you! That f—ing piece of s— garbage “garden tool”. I f—ng hate her. She's f—ing half of New York. She can go f— herself,". Andy Cohen wanted to hear Meredith’s reaction to Lisa’s hot mic tantrum and Meredith said, "I couldn't even sit and watch it. I'd stop it, it took me about an hour to get through it." Meredith went on to say, “The venom and the hatred that the delivery came with is what resonated." I totally agree with Meredith. I totally agree with Meredith. Lisa was so out of order for saying those things about her friend of ten years. I don’t know if Meredith can ever forgive Lisa, but if it were me, I would tell my friend, we could never, ever be friends again! Peace out!