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The Strawberry Letter: The Right Situation With The Wrong Man

Subject: Right situation with the wrong man

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 29 year old woman and I’ve been dating the greatest man on earth for about 4 months. I wanted to do things right this time because I could see myself marrying this man. He said he knew I was going to be his wife the moment that he laid eyes on me. It was his idea to wait to have sex and it was him that spoiled me with gifts, moonlit walks, and home cooked meals. He said he wanted me to fall in love with his personality and enjoy spending time with him before we even got into having sex. Everything was going so fast and I wanted to be with him all the time, so as soon as he asked me to move in, I made plans to make it happen. Then one day, my intuition kicked in and I hit the pause button. I decided I needed to have sex, see him naked or at least rub up on him before I went any further with him. I was in the habit of sleeping with a guy soon after I met him, so this was odd for me, but I was trying to do things differently this time. I at least needed to see it. When I started grabbing for it playfully, he would pull away and tell me to take it easy. He always slept on his stomach so I couldn’t touch it. One Saturday morning, I decided to get a bobby pin and unlock the bathroom door while he was in the shower and pretend to be a sexy naked burglar. I had planned to seduce him and it worked… well almost. He was shocked and he was amused. I was not. I jumped in the shower and got the worst possible outcome. This man falls short, very short, of what I was expecting. It was quite an ordeal in that shower and nothing about it was good. Now I’m planning to move in with a man that doesn’t measure up down there. Would I be silly to leave him over this?