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The Strawberry Letter: My Daughter Is Married To A Hobo

Subject: My daughter is married to a hobo

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a concerned parent and I know you’re going to tell me to mind my business, but I can’t this time. I have a 29 year old daughter that is in love with a trifling man. I know you can’t relate because you’re a hard-working man, like my husband. My daughter has lived a sheltered life, with her father and I giving her every opportunity available. She graduated from a prestigious school in the top of her class and she makes six figures. The fact that she is in love with a hobo is puzzling to her father and I. This man won’t take a 9-to-5 job because he doesn’t want a boss, he wants to be one. He’s had several failed business ventures and I know my daughter is funding all of them. She’s told us that we’re old-school and the new generation of married couples believes in one another’s dreams and nothing is impossible. We’re not that old and we know that money makes the world go around. I have stopped paying her credit card bills after I saw that she charged a bunch of printing equipment on her AmEx, so he could start up a tee-shirt business. They live in our old home, which she has done some nice upgrades in. They drive her car, which her father got for her as a gift after her husband totaled her other one because he ran a red light. It’s one thing after the other and I don’t know if she’s pretending to be in love to spite us, or if she wants out and she doesn’t know how to tell us. I want this hobo to get it together and be the man that my daughter needs. My husband sent him a few job leads in the insurance field and he said he can’t work from home because he’s a free spirt. He’s not free-spirited, he’s a hobo and she can do better. Is there anything we can do to reach her?