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The Strawberry Letter: Loving In All The Wrong Places

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Subject: Loving in all the wrong places

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m ashamed to even be writing to you so don’t judge me. I’m a 52-year-old man and my lady-friend is fifteen years younger than I am. I met her three months ago and we had sex on the first date. It was a blind date and my brother’s wife set me up on the date as a joke, because I’m known as a womanizer. I’m not proud of that nickname, but in the past, I would love them and leave them. That’s what I used to do… So as a joke, she told me that she had the perfect woman for me. I was overjoyed when I met this woman because she was straight up and said she was ready to get to the good part, which was sex. We finished eating and she asked if I had any condoms. I thought she was amazing! I didn’t expect it to be anything but a one-night stand, but I was so amazed by what she did to me and where she did it, that I kept on going back for more. The first night, she took me down by the lake behind the restaurant and we had sex on a picnic table. She sat on the table and it probably looked like we were just hugging and kissing, but I was all up under her dress. After that first night, we have had relations a few times in her bedroom, on her couch and on her back patio but it’s usually a spontaneous encounter when we are out in public. I have had sex in front of a hardware store in the garden department; in the bathroom of a coffee shop while a woman was knocking on the door for us to hurry up; in my car at work during my lunch break and one time at the movies recently. I’m too old to go to jail for this kind of stuff and the anxiety makes it hard for me to perform. My sister-in-law was right… this woman is too much for me. How do I get her to have normal sex with me?