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Uncle Steve Talks About The Hypocrisy Of Halting Will Smith's Films

As we've all seen and heard a million times already, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock two weekends ago during the Oscars. Since then, there has not only been a divide in reactions on social media, but also a divide on what is the 'right' punishment for his violence against another actor on live television. Over the weekend, Denzel Washington sat down with Bishop T.D Jakes during a conference and said that the devil 'got to' Will that night.

In the weeks since the assault, Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock, The Academy, and The Williams family on social media for his actions. He also resigned from The Academy. Several of his upcoming shows and movies have been halted until it all dies down in the press.

This morning on the show, Uncle Steve made a great point. He said, "It's the hypocrisy of this country we live in, and nothing is more hypocritical than Hollywood. Yall are going to back away from doing films with Will Smith when yall films are about what? If you stop making films because some of the actors in the movie act badly, you'll be making no films in this country."

He went on to say, "There are going to be consequences for Will's actions. He gotta suffer some consequences, but the way they're doing it is just the hypocrisy of this country."

Do you think Will Smith should not be able to act again because of what he did to Chris Rock? Let us know in the comments.